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Hi, my name is Steve Glazer. I’m a criminal defense attorney with The Glazer Law Office, and we’re going to talk a little bit about domestic violence.

In Arizona, domestic violence primarily just defines a relationship. So, you would have a substantive charge, let’s say assault, for example. Let’s say, you and your significant other, you get into a pushing match, you get hit in the face and you get a black eye. You’ve been assaulted, and it happened with your significant other. Your significant other punched you.

Since, it’s your significant other, you guys live together, maybe you have kids together, or even if you don’t have kids together, but you’ve been intimate together. You’ve had sex. You will fall into a classification of domestic violence. It just defines the relationship. I’ve been assaulted by someone who I have a relationship with. The statute is very broad. It doesn’t even have to be with a significant other. It could just be with your friend, if you live together. For example, two college students, they get in a shouting match about dirty dishes and the neighbor calls the police. Police show up and hear you guys shouting. It would be disorderly conduct, making unreasonable noise by domestic violence because you had this argument with someone who you live with.

What does this mean and what to expect. Well, it’s kind of a big deal even though the relationship shouldn’t even matter. But, if you get convicted of a domestic violence charge, what you should expect, number one, is mandatory domestic violence counseling. That’s six months long in Arizona.

Number two, the biggest factor for a lot of people, is you lose your right to bear arms. So, if you’re a hunter, if you have any aspiration of being in law enforcement or the military, if you have a domestic violence conviction and you lose your right to bear arms, you can no longer be a police officer, be in the military, you can’t hunt, or anything having to do with a gun.

So, domestic violence convictions are a really big deal. If you’re ever in this situation it’s always best to have an attorney. Give me a call. I handle these types of cases every day. I’ll be happy to talk your case over with you, go over your options.

My name is Steve Glazer, 928-213-9253. Thanks.

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